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Community Profile

Marengo County, Alabama contains some of the most beautiful historic homes and landmarks in the state of Alabama. 28 of these sites are listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and 19 others are listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. All showcase the beautiful, rich history of this area. Known as one of the counties in the Black Belt, referring to the dark soil that has contributed to the thriving agricultural industry, Marengo County is home to farming, and timber communities.


Total Population 20,306
Male population 47%
Female Population 53%
Median Age 42.2
Population Age 18 ‐ 64 58%


Total Households, 2011 – 2015 8,281
Number of Housing Units 10,218
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units $90,800


Estimated per Capita Income $21,471
Estimated Household Median Income $42,042

Educational Attainment

High School Grad or Higher 84.6%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 15.3%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau (2015). American Community Survey 5-year estimates. Retrieved from Census Reporter Profile page for Marengo County, AL

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